I am passionate about Bountiful!

It is important to make the right decisions now, so that our future will the best possible.  Learn more below about my goals below:

I am HEAR for you


As a representative for the residents, I will make sure your voice is heard.  While everyone won't always get what they want, I will fight to ensure that proper communication, research and collaboration are completed before a decision is made.  It will be best for Bountiful, as a whole.

Important topics from residents:

· Fiscal Responsibility

· Taxation (Truth in Taxation)

·  High-Density Housing

· Water Metering

· Clean Energy

· Land Use

· Transportation

My rule of thumb:  If it impacts our residents, lets help facilitate the solutution.

*Let me know what's important to you here.



Without a healthy foundation, the building on top isn't able to perform its function.

The city's foundation consists of:

  • Streets
  • Water/Sewer
  • Power
  • Police/Fire/Rescue

As our city ages, it is quintessential that we have a COMPLETE plan to renew/care for our foundation.  Over the past 5 years, I have immersed myself into understanding these different ares by working with experts.  Along with this knowledge I can use my professional background in process and organizational optimization to design, and implement a complete plan that will perpetually care for our city's foundation.  This plan will FIX IT FOREVER!

A "Bountiful" Community


 Service makes a city a community.  

With access help from the county a few of us including my family were able to clean out the Stone Creek catch basin just below the "B".  I developed a relationship with those residents near by...and bottom line our city looked just a little bit better that day.

I will work to involve residents and form citizen action committees for relevant departments and functions.  Example:  Foothills Committee:  Work with Forrest Service, law enforcement, and neighbors to reduce garbage, enforce laws, increase patrols on mountain roads.  Skyline Drive, North Canyon, Firebreak Trail, and the B for example. 



 Rather than "sticking a piece of gum in a leaking dam" I am committed to holding our city management and other city officials accountable to doing the job right the first time. A key priority is to properly fund the various departments to enable them to accomplish their tasks on time without delays.

As a professional in processes improvement, I am able to determine baseline measurements, design solutions, and ensure the solution is followed.

With an aging city, it is important that we are getting the most out of our tax dollars, this will be top priority in every decision.

Real Leadership


 My grandfather, who directed Bountiful City Light & Power for 43 years said more than once:  

"Vision spawns knowledge and becomes reality through leadership."

His vision, determination, and prudent planning continues to contribute to the prosperity of this city.

I will follow his example of vision, hard-work and leadership to take ownership of problems...because without that they aren't solved.



It is important that internal employees are provided with the proper tools (Training, Resources, Budgets etc) to complete their jobs correctly and efficiently.

As a candidate, I will work to ensure the Bountiful City Council supports our employee's and volunteers in their knowledge and training.

Bountiful City Council - Bret has a plan, and will listen to residents.

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